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Te Ora Hau Ecolodge

Te Ora Hau Ecolodge is located in Afareaitu on the beach, facing Motu Ahi and the island of Tahiti in a protected maritime area and on land passed down for generations within our family. This explains our attachment to our island Moorea and our special tenderness for its beauty, its people, its traditions, its history and its exceptional environment. Culture, Art and Environment are the three poles that have guided, nourished and enriched us.
Past generations have taught us of the fusion between the people of Moorea and its eight mountains which rise up around the caldera. They also taught the value of the “Pahu” (or drum) made of Vaiare stone - a sacred drum belonging to Vahine ‘Ura, the guardian who provides the rhythm of time. Then there is the coral ”Te maru o Tohi’e’a” at Afareitu, where the whale and her calf seek refuge before returning to the Great South… Our traditions have been passed down by oral history and our children have always been the privileged inheritors of our knowledge. The passing on of our traditions has, over the course of history, become an art form where words acquire both power and their ability to sustain and support our culture as well as revealing the history of Moorea.


Imbued with the legendary stories of our island, we interpret them in turn through painting, poetry and photography. Painting helps to address themes that are dear to us such as filiation, fire, the guardian, Hina the moon goddess, Maui the son of the sun... We rediscovered colors, shadow, light, collage, the sanguines, and tried to express with the brush our belonging to the Earth, the Ocean and the Stars.

Our poems inspire our Moorea dance troupe, Heihere, which is preparing for the Heiva and open the imagination of readers curious to discover the two books we have published: The invocation to benefactor rain with "Hō mai te Ua » or « Offer us the rain » and the homage to the whales, darling children of the Ocean, with « Te 'Una'Una » or « Majesties ». "Ei Hau" is the latest poem, dedicated to Peace, which inspired our dance troupe Heihere.

Our photos transmit another vision of our islands and of our universe so special and at the same time so unknown. Knowing us helps the traveler to approach our island with respect for our values and our sacred places, the certainty of living a unique moment and above all of returning home enriched by having met the people of the canoes who discovered and loved the islands of Great Ocean.